Optimize your Broadway Body for a long and healthy performing career.

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The Broadway Bod

As actors, performers, and artists, it is our job to inform our audience of the spectrum of the human experience.  Humans happen to come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important for audiences to see that diversity through writing, casting, interpretation, and character development.  Additionally, as performers, we have a duty to our art to develop healthy habits for our bodies ---- beginning with diet, cardio-respiratory health, and physical stamina/fitness. The Broadway Bod will show you how to optimize your Broadway Body for your performing career with health, fitness, and wellness tips for actors, singers, dancers, and more.  Now go forth, be healthy, and break a leg!

-----Stephanie Inglese


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COM• MU• NI• TY (n.) -
A fellowship that shares similar interests, characteristics, or beliefs.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”                                                                                   – African Proverb

Community - an organic cultural system that operates and grows through the learned ideas, behaviors, and expectations of it's members.  A community is forever changing along with it's individual parts.  The goal of community is empowerment.

The Performing Arts - a community founded most heavily upon the importance of making an audience think and feel through mediums such as drama, song, and dance.  The Performing Arts as a community has the power to affect change in the world.

The Broadway Bod - a community centered on the value of a healthy human body to The Performing Arts, and educating community members on how to maintain their bodies as their tool for communicating  grand ideas with the rest of the world.

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